Rowena Chow

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+33 6 26 74 37 35
Grenoble, France

B.Des (Hons)
Visual Communication
CoCA, Massey University, NZ

Salient (2020)

In-house graphic designer and illustrator for Salient Magazine: a weekly student publication of Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. My role included creating all visual content and typographic layouts for 24 issues of the magazine which covered a range of topics from social and cultural issues, to politics affecting/but not limited to students and young people. Spanning a successful 84 year legacy, Salient continues to be a free magazine and is distributed on campus and in various cafés across Wellington central. It is also offered digitally.

Issue 1: Wellington

Issue 2: The Comedown

Issue 3: Reflection

Issue 4: Sex

Issue 5: Diaspora

Issue 6: Burnout

Issue 7: Freedom

Issue 8: Archive

Issue 9: Eat the Rich

Issue 10: Generations

Issue 11: Music

Issue 12: Ships

Issue 13: Happy New Year

Issue 14: Queerlient

Issue 15: Jaylient

Issue 16: Wan Solwara

Issue 17: Environment

Issue 18: Yeah the Girls

Issue 19: Disability

Issue 20: Te Ao Mārama

Issue 21: Alient

Issue 22: She’ll Be Right

Issue 23: Potluck

Issue 24: Thank you, Next