Rowena Chow

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Grenoble, France

B.Des (Hons)
Visual Communication
CoCA, Massey University, NZ

Between the Lines (2019)

A collaborative exhibition designed, curated and held in Wellington central, New Zealand. Inspired by a simple sketching exercise, the exhibition sought to encourage people of all kinds to put pen to paper and draw. From the same basic scribble, all participants could spend as much time as they wanted interpreting the shape. The outcome would meet no judgement, rather, a reminder that we all have the capacity to tap into the uninhibited imagination that ran so freely when we were children.

Between the Lines therefore challenged the systems put in place that have long constricted the general perception of creativity, leading many to believe that creating was only reserved for artists. The exhibition offered the pen back to the public, providing a space to reconnect with themselves through the act of creation.

In an iterative process devoid of expectations, it was possible to spark beauty as well as absurdity from an otherwise banal shape. The importance shifted away from finished pieces. Instead, the focus was on a mode of loose experimentation that allowed us all to be creative for creativities sake.

Visual identity and system made in collaboration with: Eden Kleiman, Jacob Paterson, Kane Wills, Jason Fastier and Natasha Moore